About us

We are MAE, a company committed with decarbonization through green hydrogen and green ammonia.

From the Atacama Desert, MAE is building a pioneering project to develop a new decarbonized economy

We contribute to a greener future for Chile and the world

We address one of humanity's most urgent challenges: fighting climate change.

Our company is developing the Volta Project in Mejillones (Region of Antofagasta), one of the most important green hydrogen and green ammonia projects in the country, which main purpose is to support the local and global decarbonization process, and to contribute to achieving the goals of carbon emissions reduction in order to decisively and effectively address climate change.

At MAE, we are developing a world-class project: Volta Project

The best solar radiation on the planet in the Atacama Desert.

Efficiency with cutting-edge technology.

Innovative and passionate team.


Our Project

Pioneering project for green hydrogen and green ammonia production in Chile

We are leading the development of one of the most innovative green hydrogen and green ammonia projects in Chile from solar energy, with the aim of supporting decarbonization efforts, both locally and globally. We are committed to producing green hydrogen and green ammonia with the highest international standards.

Our approach not only seeks global competitiveness, but also guarantees the safety and sustainability of the entire process. We plan to supply the Chilean and global market with these cutting-edge products by 2027.

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Our Values


We are driven by a deep desire to contribute to the greatest challenge facing humanity: fighting climate change.

Companies cannot postpone these actions, since then it will be too late. At MAE, we are committed to promoting and leading a change to decarbonize Chile and the world.

Our commitment to sustainability is total and in all areas: with the development of green hydrogen and green ammonia from renewable energy, with safety and health as a guiding principle, and respectfully engaging with the community and our environment.


Our Team

We are a visionary team, with experience and technical excellence, capable of carrying out projects of this magnitude and thus making a significant contribution to the planet. Our shared vision is to proactively address environmental challenges and lead the way towards sustainable solutions.

Our team's experience includes diverse fields, from engineering and technology, to environmental management and sustainable business. This specialized knowledge becomes an invaluable asset for the development of green hydrogen and green ammonia projects.

Leading Team